Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb is a British writer, lecturer and broadcaster. He is the author of War and the National Interest: Arguments for a British Foreign Policy

Author publications

Title Pub Date Languagesort descending
Viva Obama! A View from the English Right 13.04.2017 English
The Meaning in England of the New Year 31.12.2016 English
Michael Gove and Harvey Weinstein: No Laughing Matter at the BBC 31.10.2017 English
The American Election through English Eyes 28.10.2016 English
A Few Words on the General Election 03.05.2017 English
The meaning of Christmas for the Orthodox and the Catholic traditions 06.01.2017 English
The Puritan Hypothesis and Charlie Elphicke 08.11.2017 English
All Americans Now? 09.11.2016 English
In Angustiis: An Attempt at Light Relief 08.08.2017 English
No more discouraging alliances after Brexit 18.07.2016 English
The Council House Smoking Ban 18.05.2017 English
On Living in a Moral Sewer 13.01.2017 English
Donald Trump and English Patriotism 15.11.2016 English
Britain and Europe: The Long Goodbye? 25.08.2017 English
NATO is worthless and falling apart 10.08.2016 English
The General Election: Authoritarian Hag v Fenian Scumbag 02.06.2017 English
Traditionalism and Free Trade: An Exercise in Libertarian Outreach 06.02.2017 English
Christian values are forbidden 02.12.2016 English
State Censorship, Corporate Censorship: A Libertarian View 08.09.2017 English
The importance of Byzantium for the West 31.08.2016 English
The General Election: Where to Go Next 13.06.2017 English
The History of the Libertarian Alliance 15.03.2017 English
British Politics: Waiting for the Revolution 16.12.2016 English
The Value of the Greek and Roman Classics 19.09.2017 English