Marcelo Gullo

Author publications

Title Pub Date Languagesort descending
Beginning of Globalization 23.02.2016 English
The Passage Crisis & the Return of Imperialism 26.06.2017 English
States and the Historical Process 04.09.2017 English
The Categories of Empire & Multitude: Critical Analysis 16.04.2016 English
Japan & State Impulse. Part 1 14.08.2017 English
Great Britain & the New Threshold of Power 04.03.2016 English
The 4th Fleet & the Hypothesis of the Return of Supply Imperialism 07.05.2016 English
Hegemonic Structures 02.02.2016 English
Power Hovers over Asian Once Again 17.04.2016 English
Japan & State Impulse: Part 2 15.08.2017 English
The Insubordination of the United States. Part 1 13.11.2017 English
Thinking from the Periphery to Escape the Periphery 03.08.2017 English
The Double Subordination 18.07.2017 English
South America between Retrocession & Development 20.09.2017 English
Japan & State Impulse: Part 3 16.08.2017 English
The Insubordination of the United States. Part 2 14.11.2017 English
The Structure of Hegemony 11.04.2017 English
Problems of counter-hegemony 10.02.2016 English
The United States & the New Threshold of Power 27.04.2016 English
The Founding Insubordination: Introduction 19.01.2016 English
China & Contemporary Thresholds of Power. Part 1 08.04.2016 English
Germany: From Economic Integration to Political Unity. Part 1 25.03.2016 English
Threshold of Power 19.02.2016 English
State and National Power in contemporary world system 15.06.2017 English
International system, its origins and rules 07.07.2017 English