Turkish President arrives in Moscow


The next personal meeting between Erdogan and Putin will take Russian-Turkish relations to a qualitatively new level.

Planned visit

The official occasion for the meeting is participation in the sixth meeting of the Cooperation Council of the highest level between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey.

As stated on the website of the Russian president, "the leaders will discuss the entire range of issues of Russian-Turkish relations with an emphasis on further restoring mutually beneficial trade and economic ties. On the agenda, in particular, are the implementation of joint projects for the construction of the first Turkish nuclear power plant Akkuyu and the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. It is also planned that the two leaders will exchange views on topical aspects of regional issues, primarily regarding prospects for further cooperation between Russia and Turkey in the fight against international terrorism and the settlement of the Syrian crisis."

According to Katehon’s sources in Turkey, citizens of the country warmly welcome their president’s trip and hope for the continuation of strengthening of bilateral relations.

To feel the breath of the counterpart

It is very important that the heads of the two countries can personally discuss a number of issues concerning international politics, spheres of influence in the south of Eurasia, and the role of external actors in destabilizing relations between the two countries.

Russia and Turkey have a number of similar problems. Over the centuries, other interested players - the UK and then the US - have tried to push the two countries and their peoples into war for personal advantage. Also, the Western type of liberal democratic governance does not suit Russia and Turkey, as their ethnic-religious composition has an imperial character.

In addition, in both countries there are elements that are trying to aggravate bilateral relations as much as possible due to historical insults (for example, the Armenian lobby in Russia or the part of the Turkish elite oriented toward the West) or short-sighted political views. The former Turkish Foreign Minister and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu intentionally passed Erdogan misleading information after meeting with Bashar Assad in Syria during the crisis, which influenced the decision on Turkey's role in the Syrian conflict. Similarly, around Vladimir Putin there are latent liberals and representatives of the sixth column, who, under the guise of national interests, are misinforming the Russian president.