US-backed ‘Moderate Opposition’ murder 26 people

Monday, 19 September, 2016 - 16:00

US-backed ‘moderate oppositioneers’ have executed 26 civilians, including nine teenagers, in Aleppo who attempted to leave their neighborhood via humanitarian corridors provided by the Syrian government.

According to spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, the report is based on the information provided by civilians who left Sheikh Hader Neighborhood via the 1st and 6th humanitarian corridors on Sunday.

“Civilians who left Aleppo’s Sheikh Hader district via the 1st and 6th humanitarian corridors at ten in the morning on Sunday told about execution of 26 local residents, including nine teenagers, on Saturday. These people asked militants arriving from another district of the city to leave their neighborhood to prevent an outbreak of hostilities there,” Konashenkov said. “According to eyewitnesses, several hundred people took part in these spontaneous protests.”

We recall several humanitarian corridors were opened in Aleppo in late July to furnish civilians. Members of militant groups willing to surrender arms also have a possibility to leave the city.