Marine Le Pen predicts the end of the EU

Tuesday, 28 March, 2017 - 16:30

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told a rally on Sunday that the EU will die soon, adding that it would be replaced by a "Europe of the people".

France’s ambassador to the United States, Gerard Araud, acknowledged Le Pen’s dire prediction in a tweet: “That’ll be the real significance of the French elections: the survival or the demise of the EU. A quasi-referendum.”

In the final four weeks before of her campaign before the vote, Le Pen promised to protect France from the ills of globalisation, telling her supporters at the rally in Lille that a global rebellion of the people was unstoppable.

“The European Union will die because the people do not want it anymore … arrogant and hegemonic empires are destined to perish,” Le Pen said to loud approval. “The time has come to defeat globalists,” she said.

She added that the globalists were terrified of the movement, to loud cheers and applause.

“We will change for another Europe, the European idea harmed by the grave digging federalists will re-energise itself, re-invigorate itself in the Europe of allies, the people and of nations.”

As 72 percent of French voters want to keep the euro, an Ifop poll published in Le Figaro newspaper showed, Le Pen sought to reassure voters that withdrawing from the eurozone “wouldn’t be chaos” and would be “well-prepared” in consultation with other EU countries.

Source: FWM.