On Proletarian Internationalism


The first major step in creating a socialist society took place in Czarist Russia where the Bolsheviks under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin overthrew the old dynastic rule and introduced the Soviet system.



On the 17th of November in Bonn, the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference (COP 23) finally concluded, with 20,000 participants from all over the world, accompanied by a substantial contingent of journalists. [1] This conference continued the process of the Paris climate agreement, one of the largest state control projects in human history. From 2020 onwards, ‘industrial countries’ are expected to provide an annual sum of $100 billion U.S. dollars to restructure the world’s energy supply. This money will also be used to ‘eliminate any damage caused by climate change’. Much of this cash is expected to flow into private sector investment within developing countries, with only a relatively small proportion going to the public sector for the ‘already necessary remedy of climate-related damage’.

People, Banks and Money


In previous articles for Katehon I have dealt with the alternative to international finance – usury – as being for the State to assume the prerogative to create and issue its own credit.

The Geopolitics of Torture


In general, the geography of torture demonstrates a stable tendency of political polarization. Torture is used in countries promoting the rule of law like the US and Israel on the one hand, and in states where there is an abrupt transformation of the political system like Ukraine and Iraq

Roots of terrorism. Part 3


There is another belief of Wahabis, which is anti religion, anti Islam, anti-intelligence anti-Christianity. The belief of the Wahabis is that if the grave is slightly raised above the surface of the land then it must be demolished and leveled to the ground

Roots of terrorism. Part 2


It is proved even from the Wahabis' books that the Terrorism was ushered (announced, showed) in, was introduced to Islam by the Wahabis.  Abdul Wahab writes in his own book ‘Khashful Shobhat’ that those who believe Prophets of God (peace be upon him and his progeny)

Roots of Terrorism. Part 1


All the religions of the world reflect (reveal) and give message of peace and solace among the nations. All the Godly religions have got network of creating a sort of harmony (agreement, accord) between the creator and the human being.

Water wars. Part II


Since the implosion of the Soviet bloc, a mono-polar world has emerged revolving around the USA, and challenged by an Islamic bloc. Russia and China have attempted to confront this mono-polar post-Cold War situation by forming a pact between each other and bordering states. This holds out the prospect of a Eurasian bloc to confront the world hegemony of the USA, which seeks to draw to it the European Union and return Europe to the subordinate role she played vis-à-vis the USA during the Cold War, pushed into coming under the US orbit by the fear of Warsaw Pact invasion.