Euro Continentalism

After Brexit


The Brexit will lead to an eventual return of the UK's historic divide-and-rule "balancing" policies vis-a-vis Continental Europe.

They're still practicing these to a mild extent, but it's nothing like it used to be.

Kolionovo v. Usury: a Lesson for the World


Shlyapnikov claimed the idea came to him easily. Frequent barter trade with friends made him realize that a commodity such as a goose or potatoes would be a more inflation proof and make an easier form of conducting trade than the ruble.

New Eastern Europe: The Atlanticist project


All projects aiming to integrate the CIS countries into Atlanticist structures can be generalized under the category of the meta-project for “New Eastern Europe.” The most complete conceptualization of this “New Eastern Europe” is presented the co

Socialists forced to re-engage national interest


Supporting the sanctions, the Socialist government sacrifices our agriculture and national interest in favor of the Atlanticist interests. Indeed, while our trade with Russia is steadily declining, the US continues to trade with the Russians, including the advanced technologies for military satellites.