Chinese civilization

China, Japan and Multipolarity


China is a rock-solid multipolar leader and is one of the main driver forces alongside Russia in charting a multipolar world future. Japan is one of the most firmly unipolar states in the world, standing at the forefront of the US’ “Chinese Containment Coalition” and being occupied by thousands of American troops. 

China - the epicenter of a new global crisis


I have repeatedly referred to the serious report by the company "Mackenzie”, published a year ago, which was devoted to the global debt statistics, including data on its distribution by major groups of countries and such centers as China, the Unit

China & Contemporary Thresholds of Power. Part 2


In 2030 China could become the largest economy in the world and, in such case, very probably surpass that of the United States by 50 percent, which would then take second place. India, whose economy could reach the equivalent to half that of China, would take third place and Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Brazil, considered individually, would not represent even one tenth of the Chinese economy.

China & Contemporary Thresholds of Power. Part 1


China is the most important contemporary example that any successful process of construction of national power is the result of a convenient conjugation of an attitude of ideological insubordination with the dominant train of thought and of an eff