The Deep State is Fueling Hostility towards Russia and Putin to Legitimize Political Upheaval

zio fabio/

I think the fact that the mainstream media continues to focus on Russia is partly evidence that the opposition here is really coming from the Deep State, from Democratic operatives and a few people from the Republican Party - they all are dedicated to achieving one end, which is to bring down the Trump Administration. They want to stage a color revolution and overturn the results of the elections. Therefore, they keep on beating the drum: “It’s the Russians, the Russians hacked the CIA.” They don’t have anything else! So, I think, they will use any excuse to keep coming back to that. We are hearing just a lot of speculation.

Western Christianity is spiritually confused and misguided by multiculturalism


Christianity has absolutely vanished from the public sphere. But I think the main problem is spiritual, not political. The reason why we have all these problems with migrants and refugees is because of our lack of Christian faith. It is not the strength of Islam that is the problem; it is the weakness of the Christians.