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16.03.2017 Sabena Siddiqi

American efforts in Afghanistan are back to square one these days as a second troop surge seems to be on the cards, recently Gen Nicholson apprised...
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15.03.2017 Petra D. Mihailović

The US President walks on a razor blade and he would like Russia to keep him company.
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14.03.2017 Steve Turley

North Korea fired off some missiles the other day, raising tensions significantly in the Pacific region. They reportedly fired five missiles, with...
13.03.2017 Luis Lázaro Tijerina

One of the incongruous characters to come onto the American political stage is the pseudo-intellectual, Stephen K. Bannon, President Donald Trump's...
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13.03.2017 Ahmed Rajeev

Bangladesh's trade and commerce ministry should focus on the trade deficit. Specifically, it must change its submissive attitudes towards India and...
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10.03.2017 Juan Manuel de Prada

The “Promethean man” (the New World Order) hates Russia with all their strength but tries to conceal it with hatred towards Putin.
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10.03.2017 Adomas Abromaitis

As it appears, Lithuania expects major changes in the near future. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius was on an official visit to the...
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09.03.2017 Nikola Jović

Among many contrasting groups of Russophiles in Serbia, the dominant two confronted groups are, on the one side, those who recognize only the Russian...
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08.03.2017 Harun Yahya

Crimea is a peninsula of utmost geopolitical and strategic importance, dominating virtually the entire Black Sea. Together with the straits of the...
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07.03.2017 Tura Kurkinen

Nowadays liberalism has gradually turned from a political ideology into a pseudo-religion.