Should Europeans be afraid of Trump's revenge?


Prior to the midterm elections in Congress, Trump most likely will not touch the Europeans who rebelled against his policies, but some countries, especially Germany, still need to worry

Speaking at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, US President Donald Trump delivered a speech over which they openly laughed in the hall, including American "allies" who until recently believed in "transatlantic solidarity" and the reliability of the "older brother". However, after President Trump announced and started using the coarse, forceful methods to implement the policy of "America first", putting the interests of the rest of the countries on the second, third or even fourth place in front of purely American, Europe came to sobering. "Transatlantic solidarity" has cracked, which further rallied Germany and France against Washington. Between the EU and the US, a temporarily extinguished trade war began. Even the strategic ally of Washington, Britain, supported Europe, and not America, in a nuclear deal with Iran, from which the US found itself isolated, in proud, even rather malicious loneliness in the face of the EU, Russia and China.

After that, the mood of the Europeans improved. Therefore, their representatives were also among those who laughed at Trump's speech at the UN. "We are defending America and the American people and we are also defending the whole world," Trump said, explaining that only those who "respected" their "sovereignty" over the rest of the world will help the US, since America prefers "independence and cooperation with globalism. " At the same time, according to Trump, the US will check "what functions and what does not function, and whether countries that receive our dollars and our protection take into account our interests."


Frank Trump's frank threat was addressed to Germany, which he urged to "immediately change course" if Berlin does not want to "completely depend on Russia" in the energy sphere.

Trump spoke with threats and against the EU as a whole in response to the position of the leading European countries with regard to the nuclear deal with Iran, as well as others unwilling to break off business with Tehran. "We urge all nations to isolate the Iranian regime while it continues its aggressive actions" .

The world laughed in response

Trump's response to Iran was followed by the head of the EU's foreign policy, Federica Mogerini, who announced plans to establish a special institution to ensure financial transactions with Tehran, bypassing American sanctions. As for Russia, Trumpu was answered by German Foreign Minister Hayko Maas: "Germany's dependence on Russia does not exist, especially in the energy sector," the project for the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline is purely commercial.

Maas did not have the status to challenge Trump, this was done for him by French President Emmanuel Macron. At a press conference in New York after a speech at the UN GA session, he said that Europe must "strengthen its economic and financial sovereignty," stressing that "unilateral American decisions deprive European enterprises of the opportunity to act in the spirit of European decisions." The French president called for "the creation of trade, financial and economic rules that will strengthen the sovereignty of Europe."

In his speech at the forum, Macron opposed the unipolar world, that is, the United States. In his opinion, the new world order and the "balance of power" should be built around "three principles": The first is respect for sovereignty, which is the very foundation of the UN Charter, the second is the strengthening of regional cooperation between countries and the third is the creation of more solid international guarantees. Only on the basis of these principles, the President of France noted, it is possible to end the current imbalance.

Of course, Trump and his surrounding "hawks," who believe in the divine destiny of the United States and their right to impose their will on the world, do not like such speeches, they love "peace through force," the American dictates. And they have something to take revenge on Europeans for their laughter and rebellion: trade taxes, tariffs, fines, drawing in sanctions against third countries, primarily Russia.

The goal is Germany?

Germany is particularly vulnerable, which Trump regards as an economic and potential geopolitical competitor of the United States, especially its banks and especially the automobile industry. The US president is convinced that there are too many German cars on the streets of American cities, and there are too few American cars on the streets in the FRG. He periodically threatens to punish German automakers for "dominance" and "injustice" by a significant increase in import duties, which will affect not only the Germans, but also the Americans.

The US can also complicate the life of Germany and in connection with the "Nord Stream-2", because they want to sell to Germans and other Europeans its more expensive, and also not available in sufficient quantities of liquefied gas. It is not ruled out that the American track may also be revealed in the destabilization of the ruling FRG of the coalition.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is sharply criticized (and Trump too) for erroneous migration policy, is, on the other hand, a supporter of the development of economic relations with Russia, the unconditional implementation of the Nord Stream-2. The fact that her armchair so strongly staggered in recent weeks, and the German mainstream media, which has close ties with the United States, suddenly began to openly and aggressively demand her departure, is very, very suspicious.

Of course, due to the fact that Trump has already sufficiently shaken the world trade in an attempt to stir up US industry, having entered into this conflict with China on this ground, there will most likely not be any serious attacks on the EU on the eve of the midterm elections to the Congress in November. However, Trump is able to make an exception for Germany, which is very unloved to him, although ethnically he is half German. Therefore, Merkel's position now is not at all enviable.