Ron Paul: The US is failing in all directions


Former Congressman Ron Paul made a harsh criticism of Washington's foreign policy

Ron Paul, a long time a member of the House of Representatives from Texas, stated the inevitable: the United States is losing its former power. To honor the politician, he blames this not on Moscow and Beijing, but on system mistakes made by the country's leadership:

Because of our militancy, threats, demands, sanctions and even bombs, the rest of the world increasingly ignores Washington's demands and simply begins to deal with their own affairs. 

Indeed, if we look at the map of the world, today there is practically no region left where US positions are not shaken. One can recall Turkey, where after an attempted coup with the CIA, mass purges of Western networks of influence began, and Erdogan with varying success, but still moves away from Euro-Atlantic integration.

With Syria, I think, too, everything is clear. Washington broke its teeth about Damascus, ISIS and other results of the efforts of the US special services are quietly squeezed out of the country, and the power that has stood in this confrontation will not exactly look towards the United States.

Another vivid example is Iraq. The US invaded the country, bombed it to the ground, executed the head of state and established, in fact, the occupation government. But from year to year, Washington's positions in Iraq deteriorated, and now in the last elections the pro-Iranian Shiites again receive the majority in the parliament.

By the way, about Iran: after leaving the nuclear deal with Tehran, Trump crossed the long-term efforts of the "soft power" of the United States, led by the CFR - Council on Foreign Affairs, to draw this country into the sphere of influence of Washington.

Poll: Most Americans believe that the country is losing influence in the Middle East

According to a study conducted by Harvard CAPS and Harris, 69% of Americans believe that the United States is losing ground in the region to countries like Russia, Iran and China. The poll was conducted against the background of a new escalation between Israel and Palestine after the transfer of the American Embassy to Jerusalem. In addition, Washington's refusal to comply with the nuclear deal with Iran led to the fact that Europe was forced to turn away from its overseas brother.

And it's not a matter of special principled politicians from the Old World - just Trump imposes the rules of the game, which will hurt the big European business: the aviation industry, energy and so on. And these people are able to count money. All this led to the fact that leaders such as Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel openly began to oppose Washington's policy. And then suddenly the symbol of liberal globalism George Soros appeared and also expressed his concern about what is happening.

Soros warns: the "collapse" of the US-European Union can lead to a large-scale crisis

This crisis is organized, of course, by the owners of money, who are very unhappy with the present state of affairs. After all, the US is doing poorly in other areas: on the Korean peninsula, where Pyongyang and Seoul can be united in a single unit on the conditions of recreating their identity. Its influence in Southeast Asia has been significantly strengthened and China, the Philippines simply left the influence of Washington. In general, the failure of failure.

The only place where the US can launch a new offensive against all is Afghanistan. Many sources indicate that it is from the territory of this country that another attempt can be made to destabilize the Middle East and Central Asia. It turns out or not, the question is open. Especially considering that during the American occupation, the Afghan population began to recall the times of the Soviet presence as the best period in the history of the country.

One can be sure of one thing: the USA is not the same. And this is a fait accompli. The most important thing now is that the convulsive dragon does not drag the whole world into the abyss. Attempts will be made for sure.