10.04.2017 Declan Hayes

Donald Trump illegal bombing of a Syria airport solely dedicated to attacking  ISIS is the latest in the USA’s 16 year-long  hot war against the...
06.04.2017 Sergey Latyshev

According to the results of the police investigation there are no doubts that the last terrorist act in St. Petersburg was organized by Islamic...
01.04.2017 F. William Engdahl

In his first few days in office as President, 'The Donald' has fired off so many Executive Orders and aggressive tweets that much of the world is...
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30.03.2017 Walt Garlington

If these bleak landscapes are all that remain of true Christian culture in Western Europe, where the Orthodox Faith once flourished, what hope is...
29.03.2017 Adeyinka Makinde

It never fails to amaze me the rank hypocrisy of Western politicians such as Theresa May whose countries are members of the Nato military alliance...
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28.03.2017 Aaron D. Chiroma

The diplomatic arm/corp of nations (foreign affairs ministry) is a country’s is its image builder and projector, many countries, kingdoms, states and...

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24.03.2017 Harun Yahya

YPG/PYD are being used to divide Syria
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The European Union is at a crossroads. After Brexit and the growing loss of control of EU due to the insurmountable differences between Europe "old"...