29.03.2017 Adeyinka Makinde

It never fails to amaze me the rank hypocrisy of Western politicians such as Theresa May whose countries are members of the Nato military alliance...
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28.03.2017 Aaron D. Chiroma

The diplomatic arm/corp of nations (foreign affairs ministry) is a country’s is its image builder and projector, many countries, kingdoms, states and...

Geopolitial profile
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24.03.2017 Harun Yahya

YPG/PYD are being used to divide Syria
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The European Union is at a crossroads. After Brexit and the growing loss of control of EU due to the insurmountable differences between Europe "old"...
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22.03.2017 Shahid Raza

A Crisis of Sanity in South Asia
21.03.2017 Daria Dugina

The Rothschild establishment’s candidate, Macron, who was for some time the dark horse of the pre-election race, has emerged in the forefront of a...
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20.03.2017 Nick Griffin

The conspiracy to force President Trump from office
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17.03.2017 David Lemire

American Civil Rights Movement films are a staple of Tinsel-Town. Dozens of these sparkly items have been released over the last fifty years, and...
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16.03.2017 Frederick Assar

Britain and its European pawns in the offensive against Russia