Syrian crisis

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Mad Maqsud: Jihad Road


The Syrian conflict began a new chapter in military history. The opposing sides use both the last century's arsenal and the most advanced technology simultaneously. This is a real war of great ingenuity and creative minds as well.

The US is provoking Russia to start WWIII


Washington made another attempt to escalate the conflict in Syria on Saturday. The consequences may be dramatic: the Syrian-Iraqi crisis is turning into the a new World War with a potential nuclear response from Russia or the US. 

The Syrian ceasefire is doomed to fail


A new ceasefire has been declared in Syria. In accordance with the agreement reached by Russia and the United States, from midnight September 12 local time, the ceasefire will go into effect. It will last for 48 hours though it was stated that the ceasefire can be extended. However, most likely it will not bring any significant results.