"Turkish Stream": Erdogan and Putin wrote the story


In Istanbul, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan took part in a ceremony dedicated to the completion of the construction of the sea part of the Turkish Stream.


Economic aspects

Today's meeting on the shores of the Bosphorus is from the category of mutually beneficial economic transactions. Because the construction of the offshore section of the “Turkish Stream”, a gas pipeline along the bottom of the Black Sea with a length of almost a thousand kilometers, was completed. Up to 30 billion cubic meters of Russian gas will be delivered via it. One half will go for Turkey, the second - the Old World.

But Russia is not in a hurry to extend the gas pipeline in Europe. The European Commission may block this project. What, in fact, buried in its time "South Stream". However, the countries of Southern Europe are already fighting for the Turkish Stream to be extended precisely through their territory.

Geopolitical aspects

Serious economic projects, including the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, in the launch of which Putin and Erdogan personally took part, do not exclude geopolitical clashes. In Syria.

The "Khashoggi case" can be another hard issue.

The stumbling blocks between Ankara and Moscow are obvious, and the resolution of these issues is extremely important for the implementation of all joint projects, including the Turkish Stream, Akkuyu NPP and the supply of S-400. Therefore, do not underestimate the ability of Putin and Erdogan to find a way out of the difficult situation in Idlib. In the end, the creation of a trilateral “Astana” alliance represented by Iran, Russia and Turkey in Syria a couple of years ago also seemed to many to be fantasy.