The Struggle for the Future of Syria in the UN


Yesterday, Russia and China vetoed a draft resolution on sanctions against Syria in the UN Security Council

Another provocation of the West

The document, prepared by France and Britain, called for new sanctions against Syria, whose  government was accused of using toxic substances. Although it is known that chemical weapons were used by terrorists supported by the West, some powers are trying to shift the blame again onto the authorities of the country.

The resolution gained the minimum necessary nine votes for adoption, but Moscow and Beijing used their right of veto. It is significant that representatives of some Western countries (especially the US) have attacked Russia for this while not a word has been said about China. It is also quite symbolic that the authors of the resolution are the countries which previously had colonies in the Middle East, and are directly related to the current administrative and political structure of the region formed on the basis of the Sykes-Picot pact.

Western Goals

Since the resolution is now intended to ban the supply of helicopters to Syria or any public authorities of the country, this is evidence of the West's intention to undermine the military and technical capabilities of the Syrian army, which is fighting against terrorists.

In addition, the adoption of such a resolution will lead to a further escalation of tension on the diplomatic level.

Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Vladimir Safronkov, commenting on the actions of Russia, said that “the authors (of the resolution) prefer a politically-engaged path leading to the confrontation and complication of the situation," adding that confrontation is not acceptable, and "only through cooperation can we meet the challenges and move forward in the Syrian settlement.”