Scandal in the UK


An Israeli diplomat attempted to organize a plot against the British Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Zionist lobby

It is known that the name of the Israeli diplomat who conspired against Foreign Minister Alan Duncan is Shay Masot, and he officially has diplomatic status. In addition, there is evidence that he has the rank of major of the Israeli armed forces. It is assumed that he has one million pounds sterling which was intended for "friends of Israel" in the UK.

The British Prime Minister has officially stated that "the case is closed." Israel's ambassador to Britain, Mark Regev, has apologized to Alan Duncan.

The occupation of Palestine and rejection of the UN Security Council decision

Alan Duncan criticized the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, thus he wound up "in the sights" of the Zionists. Before, following the UN Security Council’s adoption of a resolution recognizing the illegality of Israeli settlements, Israel withdrew its ambassadors from countries that supported the document and ceased financing an irrigation project in Africa being implemented under the auspices of the UN.