NATO Summit: Trump's benefit perfomance


Never before has European leaders acted in such a humiliating role as a collective "boy for beating," as at the last NATO summit.

Harsh criticism

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, before arriving in Brussels, warned that Trump would "talk very harshly" with NATO allies and was determined "to force NATO members to fully fulfill their funding obligations of 2% of GDP." As it turned out, Tillerson put it mildly: Trump demanded not only to raise military spending to the level of 2% of GDP that is minimum acceptable, in his opinion, but also pay the old debts to the US - for that very long period of ephemeral defense spending, when American citizens Paid for all other members of the alliance.

It is very significant that no documents on the results of the last meeting were published. The summit was convened to accomplish two main tasks: getting a spanking from the head of the Western world for weakness, insolvency and parasitic moods and for transferring to the alliance a new, even completely unfinished headquarters building, which NATO hopes to relocate to before the end of 2017 - early 2018 .