the first World Congress of Families Regional Conference in Paris


More than 300 leaders, activists, and scholars participated in the first World Congress of Families Regional Conference in Paris on April 1st.

The conference, held at the historic La Maison de la Chimie (in the heart of Paris), was organized by the French Society of Demography, chaired by Fabrice Sorlin.

More than 15 speakers discussed such varied topics as:

  • Tactics and strategies of the gay lobby at the European Union
  • Georgia’s Liberal Experience
  • Russian Revival in the 21st century
  • Europe or European Union – which way for Serbia?
  • The counter-values of the mainstream media
  • The aggressive anti-family policy of the European Union as a factor in destruction of Ukrainian statehood

International speakers included: Brian Brown (President of World Congress of Families and the International Organization for the Family), Levan Vasadze (Georgian Demographic Society, organizer of WCF X, the Tbilisi Congress), Nemanja Zaric (International Director of the Serbian Movement Dveri), Alexey Komov (WCF Representative in Russia and the C.I.S.), and Alexander Skvortsov and Liudmyla Hrydkovets from Ukraine.  Among the French speakers were: Guillaume de Thieulloy (owner of “Le Salon Beige” website), John Laughland, Ph.D., Jacques Hogard (former paratrooper officer), Yannick Jafrré (Professor of Philosophy), Philipe Migault (exjournalist and President of the Centre for European Strategic Analysis) Xavier Moreau (Founder of the Startpol Think Tank) and Fabrice Sorlin.

Sorlin observed: “Organizing a WCF regional conference in France was a great and wonderful experience for me and my team. It was the first time in France. ”

“We were able to bring together so many pro-life and pro-family leaders, from within and outside France.  Thus, it was very important and useful to see that there are so many talented people fighting with the same goals as us. Moreover, this kind of conference also helped many French people to increase their contacts – foreign and domestic – which is crucial for success.”  For more information contact