Euroscepticism in Denmark grows

On December 3rd, a European Union integration referendum took place in Denmark. 53% voted against EU membership for Denmark . The slogan from “no” – block was “More EU? No thanks”. "It is a clear no... I have full respect for the Danes' decision," Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said at a press conference.
The main Eurosceptic forces in Denmark

The central Eurosceptic party in Denmark is the Danish People’s Party.  The slogan during the referendum of Danish People’s Party was “More EU? No thanks”. According to the leader of the Danish People’s Party – EU measures are very strict and limit the sovereignty of Denmark.  The Danish People’s party was founded in 1995 and is considered to be a national conservative, Eurosceptic and populist party. Also in the Eurosceptic front we find the communist Red-Green Alliance.

2 versions of Eurosceptisim

Eurosceptisim can have different geopolitical orientations. It can be turned toward the collaboration with the UK and Atlantic forces, such as the UKIP or the Danish People’s Party. Or, it can also be orientated towards the continental Russian geopolitical block, like Lega Nord or Front National. Denmark has chosen to be a part of pro-Atlantic Eurosceptisim. "I think many Danes are like the British - we want membership, but based on more sovereignty to member states, not Brussels, and many issues that David Cameron has spoken of are very similar to the debate we have in Denmark," said Kristian Thulesen Dahl, the leader of Danish’s people party.