Elections in Iran: bets are made


Today, polls Have Opened in Iran's First Presidential Vote Since It Agreed to Limit Its Nuclear Program. Around 55 million voters are scheduled to go to polls to elect the 12th President of the country.

Unique country

Iran in many ways is a unique country. This state was one of the first in modern history to rebel against western dictatorship: as a result of the 1979 revolution, the pro-Western Shah was forced to emigrate, and a new administration came to power, headed by Ayatollah Khomeini. Despite tough sanctions from countries controlled by global capital, Iran managed to create a strong state with a strong army and independent economy, which allowed the Islamic Republic to become a truly sovereign state.

Leaders of the race

The United States is betting on Rouhani. A moderate and compromise figure of the current president suits the White House. During the first term of Rouhani, stable contacts were established between Washington and Tehran.

Moscow is interested in having a strong leader come to power, which will conduct a sovereign foreign policy. If Hasan Rouhani can make concessions in relations with the West, then Ebrahim Raisi will not do this. This means that, most likely, he will try to get even closer to Moscow, which will lead to further strengthening of Russian positions in the region.