Bypassing the rear: the State Department sent Nuland to Moscow


The US State Department announced plans to send the infamous assistant to the Secretary of State for Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, to Moscow.


The visit, the date of which is not yet known, is expected to take place in the near future. It is reported that Nuland will fly to Moscow from Brussels, where she will be today, October 4th.

Contextual Reality

The visit will take place in a context wrought with problems. Relations between the US and Russia, which seem to be at its lowest point since the end of the Cold War, are aggravated even more. Yesterday, Washington announced the termination of its agreement with the Russian campaign in Syria, in connection with which it hinted at the possibility of "random" encounters.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, issued a decree to stop all the arrangements for disposing of plutonium, including plutonium for weapons. The Russian president said that the United States for its hostile actions provoke it to Moscow. In addition, the program will be continued only after the lifting of sanctions.

Cookies for officials

The official goal of Nuland's visit is to "discuss the situation in Ukraine with some senior Russian officials."

Nuland, however as a specialist on Russia who worked here, knows that without the approval of the President, no official can do anything either on matters of importance to her as well as on any other question, which of course is different from Ukraine, therefore, the objectives described are not quite fair. Probably Nuland is going to give direct advice to hirelings of the State Department, which is enough, including in fairly high circles. Most likely, seeing their failures on all fronts, Washington decided to go to the rear - to try to destabilize the situation in Russia with the help of loyal opposition Liberals and the ixth column.


Victoria Nuland is known for her intolerance of Russia and Eurasia from a young age. So, even when she was involved in a student exchange program abd worked in a children's camp in the Odessa region, Nuland provoked an international scandal, mocking young children, and because of this was punished and kicked out by fellow Soviet counselors, who were later fired from the camp. And later, while working in high positions - first in NATO, and then in the State Department more than once she was at the center of a scandal because of profanity used against Russia and its people (as well as her phrase "Fuck the EU" during the Ukrainian crisis in 2014).

Observations about her are correct, it becomes clear that she does not accept the changed mentality of Russian citizens, as well as the overall situation, much has changed from the time when she was here in 1991-1993 and worked in the US Embassy in Moscow, responsible for relations with the Yeltsin government.


Support for Russian President Vladimir Putin among the people remains as strong as ever. After the announcement of the election results to the government, Vladimir Putin has rightly observed that the choice of the citizens of Russia is connected with the fact that in quite a difficult situation, people chose unity against an external enemy and all the forces trying to destabilize the situation in the country, rather than fight with each other as expected by the White House, .

Nevertheless, one should not underestimate the gestures of the State Department, in its ongoing work to undermine Moscow. It is a hopeless and desperate step, one that goes ''over the line'', and yet questions of peace or a new confrontation are ones which the whole world today will depend on.