Amazon hinders customers from choosing toys based on sex differences between girls and boys

Before social engineers had begun to turn children into amorphous little beings, little girls played with dolls, little houses and kitchen kits, and little boys played with guns, construction kits and action heroes.

Amazon has taken a stand for social engineers and against sexual differences between children.

In a move sure to electrify homosexualists, feminists and socialists, the online retail giant has deleted the “boy” and “girl” buttons from its online menu, hindering customers from searching and choosing toys based on sex differences between girls and boys.

“Amazon has been pushed about by the politically correct brigade,” said Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education lobby group.

“This is another example of feminism getting a grip on how we think. In the real world, it is females who tend to have mothering instincts, so it makes sense for dolls to be recommended as suitable toys for girls.

“There is a biological difference. We should stop trying to blur the gap between sexes. If you want boys to be girls, and girls to be boys, this is how to do it.”

He added: “I’m afraid that rampant feminism has not done a lot for our society.”

The controversial move by Amazon follows complaints by feminists that toys are supposedly “sexist” because they encourage young girls to aspire to be mothers, to play with make-up or make-believe that they are performing domestic chores.

Feminist psychologists claim that to prepare a girl to be a wife and mother limits her vast career horizon.

Meanwhile, they say that boy’s toys — such as guns, action heroes and construction kits — train boys to become “male chauvinist.”

They propose inversion: boys playing with girl’s toys and girls playing with boy’s toys.

Amazon’s decision has been welcomed by feminist and homosexualist campaigners and educationalists, who said all children should be free to play with toys aimed at both sexes.

This is not the first controversial move against children. Amazon has been notoriously supportive of homosexual “marriage,” which usually includes adoption rights and is fundamentally detrimental for the normal and healthy upbringing of children.

Amazon has become a capitalist giant in the service of homosexual, feminist and socialist perversions.

With information from DailyMail.

Portuguese version of this article: Amazon impede clientes de escolher brinquedos com base nas diferenças sexuais entre meninas e meninos