Mr. Ban Ki-moon, The Shocked Man

The latest of his official shocks came after Hungarian treatment of the refugees from The Middle East, on Hungarian-Serbian border. A while ago he was shocked by Israeli Occupational Forces' treatment of Palestinians. The list of his official shocks is a bit longer in the last couple of years: he was shocked by situation in Syria, Ahmadinejad's statements, Israeli attack on Gaza, death toll in South Sudan, explosion in Bangkok, riots in Kyrgyzstan, events in Darfour ans so on and so on... For many, many years, Ban Ki-moon has mostly been shocked. Apart of being shocked, he did not do much. Accept for travelling sometimes to the part of the world where something has shocked him. It was never made public whether he has psychiatrist or psychotherapist who advised him to face his shocks directly or he travelled to the shocking spots because of his UN Cabinet advises.

The biggest shock for people around The Globe is that UN is not capable to stop the causes for Ban Ki-moon's shocks. Using emotions and expressing inner psychological condition by any international official is silly and stupid. Who cares for his shocks? Was he elected as UN Secretary General to wonder around the Globe and express his inner psychological life caused by certain events or his function is something else? Does he have some operational, legal, administrative mechanisms to stop the wrongdoings of certain countries, states or organizations or being shocked is everything he can do? He is pretty much shocked about different kind of things – from refugees' treatment by EU state police to Israeli apartheid violence conducted toward unarmed citizens of illegally occupied Palestine, to armed children in Africa and terrorists' activities everywhere. And so on. The list of his shocks is very long throughout the years. It makes UN very silly international body.

What does this list really mean? UN is not able to confront a state police violence? UN is not able to stop Israeli apartheid and holocaust toward Palestinians? UN is not able to stop any civil war, terrorist attacks, rise of armed groups claiming some territory? UN is not able to mediate in local or global clashes of any kind? UN can not stop corporate crimes world wide and misusing of working forces? UN is blind for poppy fields and heroin production supervised by USA Army in Afghanistan? UN calmly watched armed children who kill each other in bloody clashes in Central Africa? UN is blind for Nazism is Ukraine? UN, by non acting, supports terrorists, assassins, dealers of human organs and dealers of heroin who are in power in false state of Kosovo? UN even supports creating false flag states from the founding of Israel and has been using the same matrix since then. UN sets aside and watches how the death roll gets longer and longer, UN follows with laziness and empty phrases the poisoning of The Earth my different weapons and chemicals for agriculture, UN honours corporate chiefs who do everything for the sake of profit. And, UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon is shocked. That is it. He is shocked.

The latest Ban Ki-moon's shock: "I was shocked to see how these refugees and migrants were treated, it's not acceptable." It was about treatment of migrants/refugees by Hungarian officials – from law enforcement to country's Prime Minister.

What does it really mean, when a Secretary General of UN says that something “is not acceptable”. Does it mean that this unacceptable activity or situation will be stopped? Does it mean that those, conducting unacceptable activity will have to have consequences for their actions? Would those who were victims of unacceptable activities receive some help or apology, shall they be not treated in an unacceptable way in future? The situation at Hungarian-Serbian border crossings shows that those who act in not acceptable way are not very interested what UN Secretary General feels about their activities. They also do not show any interest to stop doing what they do toward refugees. So, what is the significance of the official statement of UN Secretary General if no one has any intention to listen to it or to act in accordance with it? If the things are like that in reality, then, it means that nobody cares what UN Secretary General says. And is he shocked or not. What is his role then? His only role these couple of years appears to be that he officially and publicly announces that he is shocked and does nothing. Is he then a very weak person, not up to the task for the role given? Is he someone's puppet who emotionally blackmails general public with his shocks instead of conducting actions with the mechanisms of UN on his disposal? But, he was never shocked when it has been revealed that members of peace missions world wide were raping children, men and women.

Today is International Day of Peace. Ban Ki-moon did not do anything to lead UN toward peace, although it is one of his main tasks as it is written in UN documents. He's been shocked since he was elected. Is there any reason to hope that his role will be different in the days to come? Or the list of his emotional shocks, without any reasonable action, will be expanded?